Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Olivia Headband

This is what I wore on Friday. Pictures = Still crooked. I apologize.

Sweater - Forever21
Skirt - TJMaxx
Scarf - Fred Meyer
Shoes - Consignment
Headband - Fred Meyer

Let me tell you about these shoes.
I saw my friend Inna wearing snakeskin flats. I looked for some for months, I found similar ones at a consignment shop, and I got them. They're hard to find.

Let me tell you about this headband.
I saw my friend Olivia wearing a leopard print headband. I copied her and got one two days later. It just jumped out at me at Fred Meyer, I swear. It gave me an offer I couldn't refuse (okay, it came with a plain black one).

I really don't like it when people copy me. I feel like it's not flattery at all. It's just not right that I can't get credit for my own creativity. (Haha...) But I thought I would expose you to some straight hypocrisy up in here...I'm guilty of coppery.
I'll wear a big red "C" if you want me to.


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