Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Back to Lumberjack

Today I was inspired by bloggers wearing flannels or button ups under sweaters with the sleeves rolled over, and I wanted to wear it. It looks a little business-y for school, but that's kind of how I roll.
Flannel - Forever21
Sweater - Walmart
Vest - Aeropostale/DIY
Skirt - TJMaxx
Sweater Tights - Nordstrom Rack
Shoes - Naturalizer via TJMaxx
Belt - Vintage
Bracelet - Target
I don't know why, but my pictures look blurry, grainy, dark, and just not great today. Look at this post, then look at the last one. Now look at your man, then back to me.. I take all my pictures with the same camera, but some of them are worlds apart. My camera has good days and bad days, sadly. You know what they say, you get what you pay for!

When I bought these shoes, I had no idea that paying around $15-$20 for Naturalizers was a good deal, and I almost passed them up. But now, I'm high-fiving myself for buying them. Fun-fact: They were my first pair of heels, and I looked like a baby giraffe trying to walk in them at first. Oh, the memories.



  1. Love your layering technique here! Love the vest, plaid shirt, and sweater combo but especially how you unexpectedly paired it with a colored skirt and tights! I'm for sure taking inspiration from this:) Thanks for coming by my blog!

  2. No, it's doesn't look like businessy, it looks perfect for school :). The grainy picture (which is called 'noise') may be because of the bad lighting. If you take your pictures in automatic mode, your camera adjusts the settings according to the lighting, etc conditions of the picture. If the lighting was bad (a dark day), it probably took the photo with a very high ISO in order not to make the photo too dark. And that's what made it have a lot of noise. Just take photos with good lighting and you'll never have grainy photos again :) .

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  3. great layers! I love your skirt!

    Lindsey Turner

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  5. I love that skirt!! Great job with the outfit!! Thanks for following me I'm following you straight away!! Keep up the good work!

  6. I love the layers, such a cute look :).

    Have a sweet weekend.

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  7. Love the vest - denim is always good. I know what you mean about grainy photos - sometimes I have trouble with that too. I think I've got it sorted now though.

    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
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  8. I absolutely love this outfit! The pairing of the flannel with the bright skirt is so unexpected, but works so well. Great job layering, too.