Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mustard, Becky, and Bobs

This is what I wore to school yesterday:
Her name's Myrtle. She has three legs.
Top - Kmart
Skirt - Forever21
Shoes - Naturalizer via TJMaxx
Belt - Kohls
Earrings - Charlotte Russe

So who else has been watching Project Runway?
via Weheartit
I've been watching it every week (just waiting for Glee to make it's return), and by now I am totally invested. My dad's girlfriend is friends with Becky, who just got eliminated last week.

As much as I wanted the best for Becky because someone I know knows her, she deserved to go.
Viktor is definitely  my favorite right now. Anthony-Ryan who? I also like Anya and Kimberly, but I don't like Burt or his attitude. Laura seems too mean, although she is a great designer, and I think Oliver and Bryce will be next on the chopping block. As for Joshua M., I think he's an amazing designer, but he needs to pull it together because his ability to design can only get him so far when he fights with all the other competitors.

Along with becoming obsessed with this show, I have become obsessed with Heidi Klum's lob. (Long+Bob=Lob.) Maybe it's because Jennifer Aniston recently "lobbed" off her hair, too, but it makes me want to cut mine.
Check out these "Gobs of Bobs" (via

The Long Bob Hairstyle Trend
Jennifer Aniston
The Long Bob Hairstyle Trend
Heidi Klum
The Long Bob Hairstyle Trend
Gwenyth Paltrow & Liv Tyler
The Long Bob Hairstyle Trend
Anne Hathaway
Even Hayden is sporting the bob!
Are you convinced yet?
Yeah, so am I. 


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  1. Really nice outfit!!