Thursday, September 22, 2011

House of Cards

This is what I wore can tell I'm a little lacking in creativity!

OPI's Your Villa or Mine

Top - Mom's
Jeans - Vigoss via Consignment

Flats - Consignment
Earrings - Forever21
Ring - Gifted (Thanks Connie!)
I'm having one of those weeks where nothing in my closet goes with I turn to other's closets to help. What? It happens..
My sweatshirts usually get a lot of use during times like these. Times of un-creativity.

I haven't worn these earrings since prom!

Speaking of dances (awesome segway), Homecoming is coming up next month! At my school, it's a Sadie Hawkins dance. If I were single, this would be a problem for me.
But it's not.
However, I'm not very keen on the idea. The Homecoming dance is always in our cafeteria...and I'm not paying $10 to stand around and listen to Pitbull for three hours in the cafeteria. I mean can you blame me?

I promise to be more creative with the clothes that I put on my body...look at me being proactive!



  1. I love your outfit, it's simple but still really cute!

  2. I found Pitbull... why don't you want to listen to him. I hear he's still black. ;)