Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Drop in the Bucket

This is what I wore on the first day of senior year!

If you're wondering what's on my hand and my foot, it's henna!

Top - TJMaxx
Shorts - Old Navy
Shoes - Rocketdog via TJMaxx
Necklace - Charlotte Russe

Today was probably the worst first day I've had so far. But I'm not going to complain. I'll just say that I went to half the classes I was supposed to and started the day off after crying in the bathroom. Doesn't it sound like an inspiring underdog story from the '90s, minus eating lunch alone in the bathroom? I figured as much.

I remember what I wore on the first day of school two years ago. Ready? A black, long-sleeved v-neck, bootcut jeans, and black flats. For one thing, it definitely wasn't 96° that day, like it was today. For another thing, was I really that boring? I mean, really? I probably even had a backpack. Are you shuddering?
I'm just happy that my style has evolved in the past two years. I know it's not hard to step up from that, but I'm proud nonetheless. It's always interesting to look back on where you've been. I'm definitely not the plain-jane I used to be. Just think of where I'll be in another two years!!


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  1. here's hoping that it gets better! and the arm cutouts and drapeyness of that top are fantastic!

    dash dot dotty