Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Make Loud Mistakes

I love this article. I fully believe that life is too short not to wear colorful lipstick. I feel like if I woke up tomorrow and immediately got hit by a bus, one of my big regrets in life was not "raising the bar" so to speak in terms of how I present myself. I would regret every time I played it safe and said "What would everyone think?" Because, in reality, they would think "That girl has guts".
Lucille Ball had the right idea when she said "“I would rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.” And just look at her lips!

Via weheartit
I had a choir teacher a few years ago that always used to say "Make loud mistakes" when it came to our sight-reading, because then he could know where our problems were so we could fix them, as opposed to thinking that everything is perfect when it isn't. I like to think of it as more of a confidence thing, and that you should be confident even in your mistakes.
Whenever I wonder whether something is "too much" or it's not what everyone else is doing, I just think "It's only today. I have all tomorrow to make better mistakes." I also think it's better to be remembered for being bold than playing it safe.
If you know me personally, you'd be a little surprised to hear this come out of my mouth. I'm shy, nervous, and some might say "mousy". But that's why I do this. If I don't have a loud enough voice, I want to at least express myself through my appearence. So I force myself to take all the chances, pull out all the stops, and don't regret it. Heck, I even started a blog.

So if you ever find yourself wondering whether or not to wear something crazy, just do it. At the end of the day, you can always look cuter tomorrow.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Jet Set

This is what I wore to go see The Help. It was a great movie. I cried several times, which is usually the mark of a quality film. I love Emma Stone, and I'm a sucker for civil rights flicks. But more than anything, I was obsessed with the 1940's clothes. Why we can't see that kind of modesty in this day and age, I have no idea.
I guess I can't really complain..

Me and my sissy :)

Top - Gifted
Shorts - Old Navy
Belt - Ralph Lauren via Mom
Shoes - Target
Bag - Bueno via TJMaxx
Earrings - Charlotte Russe
I realized today that I love love love blogging. Like it brings so much more to my life when I write it down and tell people about it. I can't really explain why it makes me happy, but it's the greatest hobby I've ever had.
It gives me a sense of self-reliance, and it makes me feel like I have a life. Am I fooling anyone?
Sometimes I feel bad, because I know I should be doing something with my time that benefits others. I don't know why I'm so passionate about fashion and the like when at the same time I feel so guilty that I'm not helping people. And I hate having my mom take pictures of me all the time. I'm so grateful and I love her for it, but I always wish I could do it all myself. You know?


Thursday, August 11, 2011


My dog, Krystal :)

Dress - Old Navy
Top - TJMaxx
Shoes - Target


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

She's a Battleship

This is what I should have worn today. I should have driven up to Washington with my friends, I should have gone to a concert, I should have gotten scared and not gone on the Ferris wheel...I should have I should have I should have. But I didn't.

Sweater - Nordstrom Rack
Tank - Charlotte Russe
Jeans - TJMaxx
Shoes - Target
Earrings - Charlotte Russe
Ring - Mom's

Instead, I wore this.
Sweatshirt - BF's
Shorts - Fred Meyer
Shoes - Payless
Bag - Mom's

And I ate this.

I'm completely obsessed with cooking anything that takes five minutes and goes in the microwave. I can make a five-minute omelet in a small bowl, too.
And I'm not even in college yet. Bam.

The reason I didn't do anything fun today is because I get nervous when I drive in the car with people that aren't my family...or do anything with people that aren't my family. I know it sounds stupid (oh boy do I), but I can't control it. I feel nauseous literally all the time. I know you think you know what I'm talking about, but unless you've experienced anxiety problems, I can guarantee you don't. It's a bigger deal than it sounds like. Feeling like you're about to throw up all the time is suckier than you think. No, I can't just take Pepto Bismal. No, I can't sit in the front seat of your car, and no, pulling over every five minutes will not help. I know you think you know what I'm talking about. But no, you don't. And I know you won't understand this, but no, there is nothing you can do.

But I'm trying the best I can to fix it. :) And honestly, don't expect more than that from me.


Tutorial of the Month - August

Hey guys! I want to apologize for not posting that much so far this month. I really have no excuses...except that I really don't go anywhere so I have no outfits to talk about, and I lost my camera charger so I can't take pictures. Whoops!
Also, I got tired of waiting for the 22nd (when I did the July TOTM) to roll around to do this, so I decided to do it early and hopefully I can eventually stick to a certain day every month to put these out.

 It never occurred to me that some people don't know the first thing about doing their hair, but really, some people don't even know how to do a regular three-strand braid. I realized this when I went to my junior prom. One of the girls in the group that I went with (dateless...whoop whoop!) had to go to a hair lady just to curl their hair. Really, girl? Really? Do you live under a rock?
Well if you do live under a rock and can't even curl your own hair, you probably can't do a fishtail, dutch, five-strand, or rope braid, either. This tutorial is for all of you.
Having said that, I think everyone can learn something from this. Although some of the techniques should be pretty basic, this tutorial covers a lot of area and some aspects are more advanced.
I am so impressed that Kaylie (Kaylee? Kahlie? Cailey?) has such extended knowledge of all things hair related. If you watch her other videos (link to her channel below), it's apparent that she has skills. My favorite thing about her styles is that they are so creative and unique. This girl can do anything with a braid. I like that most of her styles involve braiding, and they are very bohemian and different from what you would normally see people wearing.
As you can tell in this video, she really knows what she's doing, and I like that she displays it in a way that is easy to understand. She even breaks it up into steps, which makes it very easy to follow along if you are not used to the technique yet. Some tutorials can make simple styles look overly complicated, but Kaylie's are well explained and look very clean. The video editing is so clear and there's no useless talking--it's all very to-the-point, which ideal for a tutorial style video. I also love that she uses the same green background in all of her videos, which provides consistency and appears more professional. I also like the music in the background, because it makes the video less awkward as if it were just her talking, and makes it flow a lot better.
As a personal preference, I love watching Kaylie's videos because her hair appears to be straight, thick, and fine (which is similar to my hair type), and I know that I can relate to her hair-wise. I know that the styles she creates are do-able for me, which is kind of hard to find because a lot of YouTube gurus have thick & course (as opposed to thick & fine), or asian/ethnic hair. However, Kaylie also has a few videos on how to style short hair, which I love because people with short hair shouldn't be limited in the amount of styles they can do.
The only complaint I have about this video is the humor. C'mon, Kaylie, take off your "professor glasses" and stop trying so hard!

Usually, braided hairstyles don't stay as well if your hair is fine (or "slippery"), so wait a day after washing or put some products in your hair before you start to braid. This is especially true if you have layers, which can start to come loose from the style if your hair doesn't have natural texture.
I don't really have any other tips, because lots of tips for braiding are given in the video. Nice job, Kaylie! :)

Thank you so much, LetsMakeItUp1 for making easy to follow, unique tutorials such as the Braid Encyclopedia. Congratulations on being the August Tutorial of the Month!

Kaylie's channel:

I hope this was helpful!