Saturday, July 30, 2011

What Not To Wear

Top - Old Navy
Sweater - Walmart (sshhh...)
Shorts - Levi's via hand-me-down
Bag - Bueno via TJMaxx
Shoes - TOMS classics in natural via
Necklace - Mom's (from an ex boyfriend...but it's not bad luck, I swear.)
When Ali Larter was on the cover of Lucky Magazine in May of 2008, she said "I think that an outfit of different shades of white is such a strong, clean look."
I love that she said that. 

This is what I wore on Thursday when I went to a concert at the park.I know it's late and I know this picture doesn't show a whole lot. And I know I look super-hot in this picture...but it's kind of sinking in that asking people to take pictures of you is a little awkward. I follow a lot of blogs in which the girl's husband takes pictures of her. Maybe I should get me one of those.
But until then, I have to make up reasons to post things other than what I wore that day, because getting pictures isn't the easiest.
 Like this.

This is my fashion-spiration.
I started this collage a while ago, (the first picture is dated August of 2009) and I just glued more pictures in it today.
I've always been into collages, so I decided to start collecting pictures that inspired me or gave me ideas. I flip through this a lot before school so I can get ideas of how to put things together...and it's just really fun to make collages all the time.

Anyways, sorry that this post is half as good as it should be. Please try again later.


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