Friday, July 22, 2011

Tutorial of the Month - July

Hello, friends! I just wanted to take a sec to recognize a tutorial that I found extremely helpful and I thought I would share it with you guys. :) I'll try to do this every month, but I'm not making any promises here. I mean let's be real now.

I loooove this tutorial for several reasons. Number one is that I have seen a ridiculous amount of tutorials that are variations on this one, and this is one works the best. For one thing, she uses bobby pins to hold the bun in place instead of an elastic, which makes all the difference. This gets rid of creases that hair-ties create, and prevents those weird kinks in the result.
Another reason that I love this is because it simply stays in place. I have super straight hair, and it doesn't curl well at all, but I can actually get this style to last all day. I can't explain why, but some overnight methods work for me and others don't.
This one works. And it looks super cute. 
It's also super, super easy and it's not a pain to sleep on. Rollers or curlformers make great overnight curls...if you can stand to sleep with huge chunks of plastic or foam on your head. Which, most days, is not worth it. This only involves a couple bobby pins (for me closer to 10 or 15), so you don't have to have special tools or any kind of skills. It's also really easy to sleep on, and you could totally put the bun off to the side if you really have trouble sleeping on it in the middle.
This tutorial is also really good quality. Tadlock101 doesn't have any music playing in the background, there's no people talking around her, no "white noise" from a crappy camera, and the image isn't blurry at all. It's very straightforward, the lighting is good so you can see everything, and she speaks clearly and directly to the camera the whole time. That's a lot to keep in mind when you make a video. Believe me, I've seen too many tutorials where it looked like they were in their basement with no windows and the sound quality was awful.
The last (but not least) reason that I love this tutorial is because this girl is so stinking adorable. Isn't her accent the cutest? Such a southern belle!

Like any tutorial, you might have to adapt it a little bit based on things like hair type, length, thickness...etc.
For me, instead of making my hair completely dry like she says in the video, I put it up in the bun dry and then spray it with water. This prevents this inside of the bun (where it won't dry naturally) from being wet, but your hair still has to go through the drying process to some extent, which I find makes the style last a lot longer.
If you have super crazy thick hair, make two or more buns to make your curls a little bit tighter. Also, if you have shorter hair (I would say shoulder length and up), you would need to make more than one bun in order to get all your hair curled.
If you have crazy/kinky/African American hair, you might need to even straighten it beforehand or at least brush it through completely.

Thank you so much Tadlock101 for making this awesome tutorial, and congratulations on being July's Tutorial of the Month! (That will mean a lot more when I'm rich and famous, trust me.) I hope this was helpful to some people.

Ta ta for now!

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