Saturday, July 30, 2011

This Modern Love is Not Enough

 Please just ignore my faces...
Tank - TJMaxx
Skirt - Love Culture
Belt - Ralph Lauren via mom
Bag - Bueno via TJMaxx
Shoes - Rite Aid (sister's)
I bought this skirt in 2009, when denim mini skirts were popular. I never thought I would wear it again...and I'm still wondering if I should...but here it is nevertheless.
This is what I wore to go see the Winnie the Pooh movie today. I almost cried through the beginning, because it was so similar to the Winnie the Pooh I knew and loved as a child. But halfway through it, I started to wonder when it was going to end. It moved a little slowly, and it started to become painfully obvious that it's directed towards a "younger audience". It made me so sad, because I could have watched that same movie over and over again, back to back, and not gotten tired of it, about ten years ago. Now, I'm a little sad that I was tired of it halfway through the first time watching it.
No it wasn't a bad movie, and it stayed true to the original Winnie the Pooh, but I'm getting old and cynical. It's depressing. The experiences of my 17 years on this planet are making me see things differently. I thought that seeing this movie would make me feel nostalgic and make me relive my childhood a little...but it just made me resent the person I have become and how "the times have changed". We are no longer as innocent as a society.

A couple weeks ago, I was at the park with my friends. We passed these little kids (they couldn't have been older than ten) playing baseball. One kid hit the ball really hard and it went flying, and my friend exclaimed "Home-run!" The kid responded "No shit, Sherlock."
That made me sick. For one thing, kids are supposed to be excitable and look up to teenagers. So in my head, kid-hits-home-run + teenager-gets-excited = kid-gets-more-excited. Isn't that how it should be?
For another thing, I didn't know curse words until I was probably in middle school. Okay, I knew them, but I didn't go around saying them to people I didn't know. Especially people I didn't know who were older than me.
Like what is this?

Sometimes, I just wonder where the youth will end up. I don't mean to preach about the corruption of society and I'm not like an extreme anarchist, but I miss the way things used to be. Or the way I think they used to be. Like, before I was born.



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