Saturday, July 23, 2011

Act Natural

 Today, I took a trip into my backyard to take pictures. I thought taking pictures inside my closet would cut it, but--surprise--they all turned out really bad. Just look at that quality.

Plus my closet isn't the most attractive piece of scenery.
Taking these was the highlight of my day. Right next to taking half an hour to get a movie from the Redbox. In my defense, I've never had to use a credit card before. Anyways, I'm getting over being sick, but I still had to miss a game night (I'm in a board game/card game phase right now), and going camping because of it. Just today. I also missed seeing the new Harry Potter (I'm crying inside), a birthday party, Saturday Market...I'm a hermit. I feel like I haven't seen anyone minus my family for a week. Because I haven't.
This is what I was wearing today...until I realized it was 80° inside and I was wearing a black sweater. So I changed.
Look at those eyes I was blessed with. ;)

Dress - Papaya
Top (worn as a vest) - TJMaxx
Sweater (from 1st picture) - Forever21
Shoes - Payless
Necklace - Forever21
Headband - Burlington

 That awkward moment where you thought you liked a picture, but then you forget why, and you put it up anyway because there "must have been something you liked about it". Ya know?


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