Saturday, July 30, 2011

This Modern Love is Not Enough

 Please just ignore my faces...
Tank - TJMaxx
Skirt - Love Culture
Belt - Ralph Lauren via mom
Bag - Bueno via TJMaxx
Shoes - Rite Aid (sister's)
I bought this skirt in 2009, when denim mini skirts were popular. I never thought I would wear it again...and I'm still wondering if I should...but here it is nevertheless.
This is what I wore to go see the Winnie the Pooh movie today. I almost cried through the beginning, because it was so similar to the Winnie the Pooh I knew and loved as a child. But halfway through it, I started to wonder when it was going to end. It moved a little slowly, and it started to become painfully obvious that it's directed towards a "younger audience". It made me so sad, because I could have watched that same movie over and over again, back to back, and not gotten tired of it, about ten years ago. Now, I'm a little sad that I was tired of it halfway through the first time watching it.
No it wasn't a bad movie, and it stayed true to the original Winnie the Pooh, but I'm getting old and cynical. It's depressing. The experiences of my 17 years on this planet are making me see things differently. I thought that seeing this movie would make me feel nostalgic and make me relive my childhood a little...but it just made me resent the person I have become and how "the times have changed". We are no longer as innocent as a society.

A couple weeks ago, I was at the park with my friends. We passed these little kids (they couldn't have been older than ten) playing baseball. One kid hit the ball really hard and it went flying, and my friend exclaimed "Home-run!" The kid responded "No shit, Sherlock."
That made me sick. For one thing, kids are supposed to be excitable and look up to teenagers. So in my head, kid-hits-home-run + teenager-gets-excited = kid-gets-more-excited. Isn't that how it should be?
For another thing, I didn't know curse words until I was probably in middle school. Okay, I knew them, but I didn't go around saying them to people I didn't know. Especially people I didn't know who were older than me.
Like what is this?

Sometimes, I just wonder where the youth will end up. I don't mean to preach about the corruption of society and I'm not like an extreme anarchist, but I miss the way things used to be. Or the way I think they used to be. Like, before I was born.


What Not To Wear

Top - Old Navy
Sweater - Walmart (sshhh...)
Shorts - Levi's via hand-me-down
Bag - Bueno via TJMaxx
Shoes - TOMS classics in natural via
Necklace - Mom's (from an ex boyfriend...but it's not bad luck, I swear.)
When Ali Larter was on the cover of Lucky Magazine in May of 2008, she said "I think that an outfit of different shades of white is such a strong, clean look."
I love that she said that. 

This is what I wore on Thursday when I went to a concert at the park.I know it's late and I know this picture doesn't show a whole lot. And I know I look super-hot in this picture...but it's kind of sinking in that asking people to take pictures of you is a little awkward. I follow a lot of blogs in which the girl's husband takes pictures of her. Maybe I should get me one of those.
But until then, I have to make up reasons to post things other than what I wore that day, because getting pictures isn't the easiest.
 Like this.

This is my fashion-spiration.
I started this collage a while ago, (the first picture is dated August of 2009) and I just glued more pictures in it today.
I've always been into collages, so I decided to start collecting pictures that inspired me or gave me ideas. I flip through this a lot before school so I can get ideas of how to put things together...and it's just really fun to make collages all the time.

Anyways, sorry that this post is half as good as it should be. Please try again later.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Act Natural

 Today, I took a trip into my backyard to take pictures. I thought taking pictures inside my closet would cut it, but--surprise--they all turned out really bad. Just look at that quality.

Plus my closet isn't the most attractive piece of scenery.
Taking these was the highlight of my day. Right next to taking half an hour to get a movie from the Redbox. In my defense, I've never had to use a credit card before. Anyways, I'm getting over being sick, but I still had to miss a game night (I'm in a board game/card game phase right now), and going camping because of it. Just today. I also missed seeing the new Harry Potter (I'm crying inside), a birthday party, Saturday Market...I'm a hermit. I feel like I haven't seen anyone minus my family for a week. Because I haven't.
This is what I was wearing today...until I realized it was 80° inside and I was wearing a black sweater. So I changed.
Look at those eyes I was blessed with. ;)

Dress - Papaya
Top (worn as a vest) - TJMaxx
Sweater (from 1st picture) - Forever21
Shoes - Payless
Necklace - Forever21
Headband - Burlington

 That awkward moment where you thought you liked a picture, but then you forget why, and you put it up anyway because there "must have been something you liked about it". Ya know?


Friday, July 22, 2011

Tutorial of the Month - July

Hello, friends! I just wanted to take a sec to recognize a tutorial that I found extremely helpful and I thought I would share it with you guys. :) I'll try to do this every month, but I'm not making any promises here. I mean let's be real now.

I loooove this tutorial for several reasons. Number one is that I have seen a ridiculous amount of tutorials that are variations on this one, and this is one works the best. For one thing, she uses bobby pins to hold the bun in place instead of an elastic, which makes all the difference. This gets rid of creases that hair-ties create, and prevents those weird kinks in the result.
Another reason that I love this is because it simply stays in place. I have super straight hair, and it doesn't curl well at all, but I can actually get this style to last all day. I can't explain why, but some overnight methods work for me and others don't.
This one works. And it looks super cute. 
It's also super, super easy and it's not a pain to sleep on. Rollers or curlformers make great overnight curls...if you can stand to sleep with huge chunks of plastic or foam on your head. Which, most days, is not worth it. This only involves a couple bobby pins (for me closer to 10 or 15), so you don't have to have special tools or any kind of skills. It's also really easy to sleep on, and you could totally put the bun off to the side if you really have trouble sleeping on it in the middle.
This tutorial is also really good quality. Tadlock101 doesn't have any music playing in the background, there's no people talking around her, no "white noise" from a crappy camera, and the image isn't blurry at all. It's very straightforward, the lighting is good so you can see everything, and she speaks clearly and directly to the camera the whole time. That's a lot to keep in mind when you make a video. Believe me, I've seen too many tutorials where it looked like they were in their basement with no windows and the sound quality was awful.
The last (but not least) reason that I love this tutorial is because this girl is so stinking adorable. Isn't her accent the cutest? Such a southern belle!

Like any tutorial, you might have to adapt it a little bit based on things like hair type, length, thickness...etc.
For me, instead of making my hair completely dry like she says in the video, I put it up in the bun dry and then spray it with water. This prevents this inside of the bun (where it won't dry naturally) from being wet, but your hair still has to go through the drying process to some extent, which I find makes the style last a lot longer.
If you have super crazy thick hair, make two or more buns to make your curls a little bit tighter. Also, if you have shorter hair (I would say shoulder length and up), you would need to make more than one bun in order to get all your hair curled.
If you have crazy/kinky/African American hair, you might need to even straighten it beforehand or at least brush it through completely.

Thank you so much Tadlock101 for making this awesome tutorial, and congratulations on being July's Tutorial of the Month! (That will mean a lot more when I'm rich and famous, trust me.) I hope this was helpful to some people.

Ta ta for now!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sickly Nickly Pickly

This has been me for the past few days.
No, I haven't been sitting in my closet. I've been laying in my bed doped up on antibiotics and fever medicine; sneezing my brains out and drinking EmergenC.
I don't know if this happens to all people or just me, but when I get sick, I get motivated.

I think it's because I know I can't do anything about it.

The nightstand of a sick person. Tissues, tea, honey, heating pad...sounds about right.

His name's Beary.

He was given to me by someone that loved me beeeeeeaaaaary much at the time.
Beary’s been with me through allergies, colds, weird stomach viruses, skin infections, heartbreak, change, pain, loss, and everything in between since
February 14th, 2010. 

He’s my Velveteen Rabbit. Only I will never burn him to get rid of the germs. Ever.
I sleep with Beary every night. He’s a Grade-A cuddler. He went with me to the beach, twice, to Tucson, Arizona, friend’s houses, and he’ll go with me to my first day of college if the size of my bag allows.
He represents consistency, and a time in my life where there was one thing I could always count on. I know that he’ll always be there, roses in hand, to help me get through life’s little battles. He reminds me that on Valentine’s Day of last year, I was beeeeeeaaaaary beary loved. And as corny/cheesy/geeky as it sounds: we all need that reminder sometimes.